Social Links + General Descriptions

Matrix | My main messenger!

Keyoxide | Profile for account identity claims.

Facebook | My main social media.

Instagram | I use it sometimes!

Snapchat | I use Snapchat a lot too!

Threads | I dont use this that much but feel free to follow me there anyways!

YouTube | My playlists are updated regularly but I don't upload vids a lot.

Discord | Used semi-regularly.

GitHub | Where my site is hosted and I'll use it occasionally!

Kitsu | Anime/Manga tracker and social media relating to them, Ill update this every now and then or after I watch an episode of anime.

ListenBrainz | Tracks all the music I listen to on my computer. Should update constantly throughout the day off and on.

Hugging Face | An AI hub for cool stuff like large language models!

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